Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine: The Story of Jesus and How It Applies to Us in the Twitter Era

Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine: The Story of Jesus and How It Applies to Us in the Twitter Era Summary

Connect with Christ Like Never Before
You’ll love how this modern approach to practical faith helps you:
• Find more connections between you and Jesus than you thought possible.
• Double-down on your commitment to believe in Jesus (and learn how).
• Use a powerful visualization technique to love and follow Jesus more.
• Get energy into your spiritual life (instead of religion in a rut).
• Learn how you can consistently rise above the negativity around you.
Bonus: For those who struggle with the idea of faith, there’s a special chapter with fresh points to ponder and non-judgmental recommendations.
Twenty years in the making, Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine reflects R. Christian Bohlen's award-winning skills as an instructional designer plus his thirty years in ministry and church leadership, resulting in this easy-to-read, vivid experience with Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Carefully researched and biblically based, this non-denominational book is suitable for all Christians, Bible study group participants, your family members, and friends.

Start reading now and feel the power of Christ grow in your life.

You’ll find out why readers are saying . . .

". . . all my questions are being answered."

". . . if there were six stars I would give it a six . . . not preachy in the least."

". . . best articulated resource I have read in a long time for understanding the life of Jesus and practical ways I can live out my faith."

". . . never made me feel dumb . . . or not a good Christian."

“. . . each chapter made me want to follow Jesus more fully.”

". . . incredibly well-written."

Available in paperback, audiobook, and ebook. Pick up your copy today.


". . . highly readable . . . superb . . . theologically sound
and succinct. . . personable and energetic. . ."
- BlueInk Reviews, starred review

". . . eloquent and inviting. . . makes all the elements
of [the Jesus] narrative feel fresh. . . bracingly enthusiastic. . ."
- Kirkus Reviews


". . . a wonderful approach for coming to know our beloved Savior Jesus Christ."
~ Ed J. Pinegar, author of Gethsemane, Golgotha, and the Garden Tomb

". . . a beautiful gem of a book. . . lucidly written . . . accessible for anyone. You cannot read through this treatise without weighing introspectively the significance of Christ's life, his words and his actions to your life. For that reason, this is a resource that I will highly recommend to many people, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey."
~ Gary S. Comer, author of ReMission:Rethinking How Church Leaders Create Movement and Soul Whisperer.

"R. Christian Bohlen . . . has taken the story of Jesus and broken it down into challenging and relevant sections that directly connect to the lives of students. Many youth and churches will find this a very helpful addition to their spiritual journey."

~ Stephen Ingram, author of Hollow Faith and Organic Youth Ministry.


“I have been a Christian for over fifty years, have gone to church and read the Bible my entire life, and love The Lord and His word. With all of this, I need to say that this book . . . is not preachy in the least but instead allows the reader to glide through biblical events with ease. . . I loved this book and will read it over and over and share it with family and friends. I teach Bible in a Christian high school and cannot think of a more timely book to present to my students, as a means for them to understand how relevant our Savior’s life is to their generation, and every generation."

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