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While it is intended especially for students in academies, preparatory schools and colleges, the needs of classes conducted by Women's Societies, Young People's Organizations, Sunday School Normal Classes, Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. and advanced classes of the Sunday Schools have been constantly in mind.

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Kinda homophobic and no plot3 star

Really homophobic and there is barely any plot, and whAt plot there is, it moves very slow35


Shows chapter #s but not books?!1 star

Inexcusable lack of usability is likely for purpose of compelling purchase of paid upgrade.15

Jana Cathcart

The bible book by book1 star

Not great!15


Good5 star



KJV Bible1 star

I found that I could select the book I wanted, but when selecting the chapter, it would always take me back to Genesis, no matter which book and chapter I was in.15


Books2 star

It shows Chapters by Roman Numerals, "not" by Book name. Needs work in the TOC.25

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The Bible Period-by-period
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The Bible Book by Book


The Bible Book by Book
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