The Bible's Amazing Story

The Bible's Amazing Story Summary

This book is for those who are interested in the Bible and who want to know what the Bible teaches.
The Bible is amazing and unique. It is the world’s best selling and most popular book. It has been translated in whole or in part into 2,300 languages and has converted the hearts of men and women from every race and nation. Through the power of its message, drunkards have become sober, thieves have become honest, murderers have laid down their knives and guns, atheists have become believers in God, and the tongue of the blasphemer has been converted into an instrument of worship. 
The Bible is a large book composed of 66 smaller books. It was written by 40 different men over a period of 1,600 years, beginning in about 1,500 B.C. and ending in about 95 A.D., yet it tells one consistent story and contains no contradictions in its facts or teaching. 
Indeed, the Bible is an amazing and unique book. And yet it is also a large book with many individual parts and when a person picks up the Bible for the first time, its message doesn’t always seem simple. 
This book presents a summary of the Bible for those who are not familiar with its message.
Passages are lifted directly from the pages of the Bible and are presented in an orderly fashion so that a new reader can more easily understand its wonderful message and can put his or her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ presented therein.

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