Lives and Times

Lives and Times Summary

The individuals who walk through the pages of this book were not historical figures who strolled around wondering why on earth they were "living in the past." They had no idea that we would be reading about them decades…and in some cases, centuries later. They were too busy laughing, crying, loving and hating to worry about how they would be viewed by future generations.As you walk along with them, in this compilation of nonfiction short-stories, you will recognize their dreams, fears and hopes. They were the same that we all experience. It just happens that they entered the world during times like the Revolutionary War, Civil War and the days of the Old West. If you download this free book, prepare to share the fascinating struggles and triumphs of their lives and times.

Some of the individuals and events highlighted are The Russian "Night Witches," Nellie Bly, Abigale Scott Duniway, the first footprints on the moon, Joseph "The Yellow Kid" Weil, and the courageous Little Rock Nine.

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