More Ten-minute Tales

More Ten-minute Tales Summary

Like its predecessor, More Ten-minute Tales dishes up tasty true stories of remarkable people and events. Step back into history to see, hear, and feel the action first person, as the word camera brings the pieces of our past alive. What we view as "History," after all, was simply life to those living it.

Just open the cover to walk alongside Charles Lindbergh as he strides toward the Spirit of St. Louis and into history. Stand beside the famous black cowboy, Nat Love, as he plants 12 riffle shots directly into the bull's-eye at Deadwood's centennial celebration. Sit wide-eyed in the hospital room as a neurosurgeon slowly brings sound artist, Mel Blanc, out of a coma by talking first to Bugs Bunny. And watch the eccentric multi-billionaire, Hetty Green, heat her lunch bowl of oatmeal on a steam radiator before she heads to her laundry to tell the laundress to clean only the hem of her raggedy black dress, since it's the only part that touches the ground…and demand a cheaper price for the service.

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