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This is the autobiography of Henry Ford. Written in conjunction with Samuel Crowther, it chronicles the rise and success of one of the greatest American entrepreneurs and businessmen. Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company will forever be identified with early 20th century American industrialism. The innovations to business and direct impact on the American economy of Henry Ford and his company are immeasurable. His story is brilliantly chronicled in this classic American biography.

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Malachi Haines

One of the best books ever5 star



A Man Decades Ahead of His Time5 star

Without question, Henry Ford was a man, a businessman and industrialist, who was at least 70-90 years ahead of his time. In this book, "My Life and Work", Ford shares with the reader his philosophy of business, industry, leadership, labor, charity and the role that humans play in their existence. Ford's approach to the manufacture and sale of automobiles and tractors is one which puts creativity, purpose and intelligence well ahead of profit and material wealth. Ford developed the motor car at a time when there were few good roads or a demand for a product most Americans understood. He envisioned labor and the compensation of work in ways which few businessmen and industrialists fervently disagreed with. He held the belief that any man could work for his company, regardless of their physical limitations. Furthermore, Henry Ford adopted the opinion that charity was a hindrance instead of a social alliance for any man. There was a considerable amount of information which Ford shared in this volume. A couple of ideas he mentioned stuck in my mind. One of them was a trade school he established in the second decade of the 20th century. The school was established for boys aged 12-18 years. It combined an element of academics with a strong emphasis on learning skills and production. The other idea Ford discussed dealt with the industrial potential and benefits of corn. He specifically suggested the use of corn as fuel for tractors and autos. In summation, I recommend Ford's "My Life and Work" to anyone who holds interest not only in autos, but in the processes and benefits of industry.55


Progressive5 star

To be honest when I started reading this I did not know what to expect. One thing I can say after reading it is that I am glad that I did stumble across this novel. As far back as this book dates it blowed my mind the amount of insight that it contained. Anyone that is truly trying to grow as a business figure as well as a person needs to invest some time to read this. I promise you will not be disappointed.55


Simple Genius5 star

The man learned and taught himself lots of wisdom developed it over the time and with his success kept it and then shared it with the world. There are parts of the books that may bore the reader coz they are no longer relevant to our world now. I can sense he was simple straight forward genius of his time who belt the world with cars. Thank you 55

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