Out of the West

Out of the West Summary

This book will help you sink into the days when the Wild West was considerably wilder. Join mountain man, James Clyman, as he earns his "mountain man degree" by studying in classes taught by charging grizzlies, murderous Indians and sub-zero windstorms. Then ride alongside Mary Ringo as she summons every ounce of her inner strength to complete her westward journey after her beloved husband died from a shooting accident. Among her children is fourteen-year-old Johnny, who is destined to cast a black cloud over the family name of Ringo.As you plod alongside the "foot soldiers of Zion," you'll see them living out Brigham Young's challenge to the newly converted saints. "Let them come on foot, with handcarts or wheelbarrows," he had proclaimed. Sadly they will also live out the greatest emigrant disaster in Western history.And as you encounter Presbyterian missionary, John Dunbar, during a Pawnee "Great Festival," you will witnesses the tribal elder laying out bundles of human scalps. As he does, the participants coat themselves with red paint in preparation for the celebration. Enjoy all twenty-two of the true stories in this book as a colorful and intriguing parade of true-life characters step into your world from Out of the West.

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