The Climb

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The Climb is a story about my brother and I's childhood. It is set from my point of view and takes you on a journey throughout some of the struggles we faced but how those struggles made us who we are today. Most of the things discussed are things that we have not talked about and may be hard to read to some people.

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Truly amazing!5 star

Coming from the same small town as you, I can definitely relate on so many levels. It is hard having the mentality “People have it much worse than I do so I can’t complain about my life” because even though others have it much worse, you’re feelings are still valid. I have felt the same way about my life. I started reading this and could not stop until the end. Our town has been fully taken over by drugs and it’s sad when you can not see a way out. I feel for you and your mother. It’s so easy to be an amazing person and mother yet still get caught up in that type of lifestyle. The best, most rewarding thing you could’ve done is what you did. Absolutely loved this!55


The Climb5 star

Adrianna, this truly is an amazing story. You are doing so wonderfully. Anyone would be proud. I’m so thankful to been one of your first customers!55


So inspirational2 star

Adrianna I could not be more proud of how far you’ve come. I am absolutely honored to have been your first Client you had taken a photo shoot of. This book is amazing. Your story is amazing. YOU are amazing!25


The Climb:5 star

I truly enjoyed sitting down and taking time to read this. I am so proud of the women you are and who you have become. You are a very brave and strong woman. Absolutely loved reading this! It is definitely a story that everyone should read🤍♥️55


The Climb5 star

I was on vacation when Adrianna released her story. I couldn’t wait to read it so as soon as the family went to bed I downloaded it and read it completely through. Thank you, Adrianna for being so open and transparent about your life!55


Great book!!5 star

A story that everyone should read…55


Eye opening!5 star

Very well written! Your Mom is a women with a bad past but like you that doesn’t determine her future.55


Couldn’t put it down!5 star

Hooked from the very beginning! A wonderful story about resilience and redemption!55

Charlee Dixon

The Climb by AS5 star

This was heart wrenching yet so inspiring. This was an amazing read!55


Amazing!5 star

Very raw and real. Love love love it! Keep on climbing, girl!55

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