Buddha in Blue Jeans: An Extremely Short Zen Guide to Sitting Quietly and Being Buddha

Buddha in Blue Jeans: An Extremely Short Zen Guide to Sitting Quietly and Being Buddha Summary

Poet-Philosopher and Zen Priest Tai Sheridan's 'Buddha in Blue Jeans' is an extremely short, simple, and straight forward universal guide to the practice of sitting quietly and being yourself, which is the same as being Buddha. Sitting quietly can teach many ways to accept life, meet pain, age gracefully, and die without regret. The book encourages sitting quietly every day.

Topics include: Sit Quietly; Care For Your Body; Accept Your Feelings; Give Thoughts Room; Pain is Natural; Be Who You Are; Live Each Moment Well; Love Indiscriminately; Listen to Others; Be Surprised; Wonder; Live gratefully; Do No Harm; Benefit life; A Wish for The World. The book is for people of any faith, religion, race, nationality, gender, relationship status, capacity, or meditation background.

Book Reviews

Matt Bing

Amazing book5 star

I read this book multiple times in the last couple of years. Each time I enjoyed it more. I recommend everyone to read it now, while sitting quietly.55

Muffy Tepperman

Inspiring5 star

So simple and so profound. Love it!55


Shh...5 star

Each line a breath. It goes in, It comes out. Read, breathe, be. Beautiful55


Little, but lovely.4 star

I grabbed this as a free book. Beyond the content, what is inside is true. I've yet to realize all the promises of this book, but I'll keep trying because I've received many of them. You will learn this by sitting quietly.45

David Sweet

Just what it says on the box5 star

I'm not one to write reviews but this work brings good to the universe. Thank you. Well done.55


Brings you back5 star

Take a relaxed seat and enjoy this quick spiritual grounding of life.55

El Cigar

Super easy read, kind to the mind4 star

This compact book hold within it a better world if everyone on earth read it and heeded its message.45


Lovely5 star

Beautiful, direct, truthful, pithy. A gift to all who seek.55


I loved this book5 star

The book is very short but not shallow. Something I plan recommending to loved ones.55


Simply gorgeous!5 star

Beautiful ways to live your life in tiny bite-size verses. This book is just delicious and happy, read it carefully and slowly and mindfully.55

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