Secrets of True Happiness

Secrets of True Happiness Summary

Poet-Philosopher and Zen Priest Tai Sheridan's 'Secrets of True Happiness' is a short, simple, and straight forward guide to becoming Truly Happy by living wisely. When you are truly happy you can be at ease in the world as a Buddha in Blue Jeans: a person of presence, openness, love, and benefit.

Topics include True Happiness; Wanting; Anger; Pride; Life and Death; Uncertainty; Change; Openness; Time; Creativity; Work; Family; Solitude; Nature; Love; Buddha in Blue Jeans is Truly Happy; A Wish for The World. The book is for people of any faith, religion, race, nationality, gender, relationship status, capacity, or meditation background.

Book Reviews


Very admirable5 star

It’s a great quick reminder, easy read & very wise.55


Simple, but effective5 star

This book is a friendly reminder 🖤55


Lunch break read...5 star

Simple yet inspiring.55


Great read5 star

Short and concise, but profound and easy to understand55

K. Devon

Necessary5 star

Love it. A must read for those searching for inner peace and understanding.55

Want my money!!!

Secrets of true happiness5 star

This book is short n free it is what the world needs to hear n learn to be happy n real with life! ❤️😊♥️55


Good reminders4 star

I enjoyed this little book. Thank you!45


Secrets of True Happiness5 star

Its understanding the essence of Happiness is found in this’s book poetic phrasing!!! I loved it!55


Great little book5 star

Poems are wonderful. Loved this book.55


Wonderful short book4 star

Love the poetic style. Very to the point and inspirational. Can read over again and again. It is like a prayer.45

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