Manager's Guide to a Paperless Office

Manager's Guide to a Paperless Office Summary


How Electronic Business Processes Can Make Your Firm More Competitive

Software has become an indispensible part of everyday corporate life. The idea behind the paperless office is to replace slow and rigid paper-based procedures with dynamic, lowcost electronic workflows. An increasing number of companies are using Enterprise Content Management systems to uniformly handle these activities and the related content throughout their organization. Accounting, materials management, and e-mail are just a few examples of software that companies can no longer do without. The opportunities for optimization are tremendous when you ban paper from your business processes – whether this is in the mailroom with its laborintensive distribution process, time-consuming and errorprone invoice processing, or the boxes of documents currently “archived” in a dark basement. 
This book is intended to make the reader more familiar with the many facets of Enterprise Content Management, including Business Process Management, Inbound Mail, Electronic Records, content, methods for handling data distributed across multiple locations, and Electronic Signatures. It also reveals many opportunities for improving competitiveness. Numerous real-life examples support the message with the objective of providing an easy-to-understand overview of the dormant potential and opportunities.

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