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Hands-On Calculus Summary

Learn calculus the fun way, with dozens of hands-on interactives that let you explore the subject and over 10 hours of animated video explanations. In Hands-On Calculus, you'll never go more than a minute without interacting with our Virtual Tutor, and you can even log in to track your progress.

This textbook covers the first two semesters of the typical high school or college calculus course, including:
All 3 chapters from Hands-On Precalculus (functions, limits, and series) Definition of the derivative Derivatives of common functions Addition, product, and quotient rules Chain rule and implicit differentiation Second and higher derivatives Linear approximations L'Hopital's rule Integrals and Riemann sums Fundamental theorem of calculus Integration by parts, u-substitution, and partial fractions Why all of this matters!
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Book Reviews

tony 2021

The intuitive and user engaging Learning book5 star

I am an adult of 37 year old. Last time, I touch a math book was over 15 year ago. Having back to a math book after this long is nightmare or try to learn a foreign language. This book is focus about u. Instead teacher view.55

Jess Joos

The programs does not work3 star

Interactive’s once clicked is like a screenshot on my ios. However, great overview of math35


Detailed yet easy to work through5 star

I am returning to college after a 12 year hiatus, and the prospect of relearning all the calc that I didn’t use in that time was frightening. This book does a great job of covering all the building blocks so that I never felt like I was thrown into the deep end, and being interactive was great practice to ensure that I actually understood all the concepts. Wish I had this the first time around.55


Frustrating to work with due to flawed software.1 star

Can’t write negative numbers in the tutorials making some questions unanswerable. Frustrating and needs fixing. Keyboard for answers is incomplete and hardly useful.15


Entertaining lessons5 star

Combines short text sessions with graphics and then short talks and a few problems. Tutorials are provided if you are having challenges with the problems. A lot more enjoyable then even the dummies books.55


Very well done4 star

Very well done. However, many more of the end chapter problems should have hints/solutions provided on request. Fix this and I will bump up to five stars.45


:-(1 star

SInce I have no apple products and only ITUNES on my PC I won't be able to use these books. I hope there is a PC version soon.............. Or apple allows us to view books downloaded on ITUNES on their PC.15

Poopy bottom boys

Great book with awesome intractability but...4 star

The book is amazing free and great resource but they need to work o the key board for answering questions. I can not make anything negative or a put in a decimal point. Other the. That this is amazing.45


Excellent!5 star

This is such an incredibly helpful supplemental resource for the AP Calculus class I teach. I have been using the online version of School Yourself for about a year or so, especially for the lower level courses I teach. It is tremendous! Unfortunately, the website is not yet fully developed. I hope they will be able to add more lessons and reviews to complete some of the gaps at each level.55


good5 star

simple but usable55

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