Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island Summary

Would you like to get a feel for this community and develop a better understanding?

Not just facts and figures or a bunch of ads, but some deeper insights into the people that live, work and play here. 

What are the fundamental values and some of the cultural features? 

Develop an appreciation for the founders and their vision, find out how that progresses today, and the outlook ahead. 

What are some of the stories that make this place unique? 

Imagine a guide book that makes it easy and enjoyable to discover what you can choose to experience. 

This first rendition of an evolving interactive pictorial storybook is the foundation for what could become the inspired and comprehensive voice of a vibrant community. 

View it personally or share it with a friend on an iPad, iPhone, or Mac. Show it on a big screen TV or projection system to facilitate a group. 

This publication is specifically “Made for iBooks” and features guided navigation, image galleries, narration, video clips, pop-overs, and external links. Tap the audio icons and info buttons to learn more about these features in the book. 

Your feedback, insights, and content submissions would be appreciated. They will be used to grow this “organic” book. Regards … Thomas

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