Coco the Dog

Coco the Dog Summary

Read the cute adventure of the handsome dog, Coco in both English and French. Page Count = 6.

Book Reviews


I love dogs / j’item les chine5 star

So cute /tres minion55


Amazing5 star

I really enjoyed it and I didn’t like that the cat ate Cocos cheese but I like that the girl gave Coco a ham and cheese sandwich55

nick nack the name

Good3 star

I think it was good but it was short so I didn’t really understand the meaning right away, but it was cute and funny 😊35


The best book5 star

It was awesome you should read it👍👍👍55


Not that cool.2 star

If you want chapter books and you search “free children’s books” and see this book pop up, don’t get it. It is a horrible, stupid, dumb story.25


People need to calm down3 star

Guys take a chill pill this book is for little kids it is very cute but warning it is only 15 pages I give it 3 stars35


Sad but good4 star

A good book for kids! But it’s very sad and happy the same time! Great for kids.45


Not the best!3 star

It's a good book for kids and baby's but not really good for 10 year olds it didn't interest me at all but I rated it 3 stars because the cat and dog were very cute!35


Coco The Dog5 star

This book is so good I love it so much but it's also kind of sad that Coco can't eat the cheese because the mean cat is so rude55


Coca dog5 star

This what happened the wanted the cheese but the fatcat took the chesse55

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