Learn Phonics: EE - Kids vs Phonics (Enhanced Version)

Learn Phonics: EE - Kids vs Phonics (Enhanced Version) Summary

Teaching your children phonics has never been more fun, or easier than this!

Each chapter is devoted to one sound and is designed to:
Give your child a deep understanding of the sound, and when it is used.
Keep your kids coming back for more with the funny animation, demonstrating the sound in real life.
Occupy your young ones attention for hours, with our Interactive pronunciation practice pages.
Give your child a step up by helping them master the sound in everyday language and reading  with the reading section.

This book is the ideal download for any parent that wants to get their children on the fast track to pronunciation and reading out loud!

Download Kids vs Phonics with your child Today!

Book Reviews


This is such a funny video!5 star

This is so good.55


Abigail T. In third grade1 star

This book is so boring.I got fooled by the title.15


Sorry!1 star

This is a book for kindergarteners sorry Iโ€™m in 3rd grade.15

Lj's Mommy

Love phonics5 star

Enjoyed reading with my 4 year old. He enjoyed repeating the words. Look forward to having him practice.55


Kyyy1 star



I donโ€™t like it2 star

It was short and It didnโ€™t have moving things.25

bad gil

Yay love it๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒบ5 star

Hi Iโ€™m only 7 and I love this book55


Funny ๐Ÿ˜„5 star

Silly sheep with underpants ๐Ÿ˜œ55


3 year old daughter had lots of fun and was very engaged5 star



Hehrhehrhdhehhrh5 star


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