Nightcat: Kitty Castle Series

Nightcat: Kitty Castle Series Summary

In this first book of the Kitty Castle adventure series, the princes and princesses learn the secret of the night cats. With the help of their own night cat, the children must stop the dragons from ruining the kingdom.

The Kitty Castle Series is a set of beginning chapter books written for children in Grades One to Four.

Book Reviews


OMG so good!5 star

I love this book because it had a lot of mysteries to it I can’t wait to read the second. I don’t know what the second book has in store!55


Hi5 star

Hi I like it55


Fun story5 star

The kids loved this book.55


Idrc1 star

I got board of this on the first chapter15

kids guide

Sooooooooo Awesome5 star

As soon as I started reading I loved it. I love Celsta if that’s how you spell it. Your kids will love this book. You would think that it is for girls but it is for everyone!55

uncorn sugar

Love it5 star

Love it55


Sweet !5 star

I love this book soooooooo much!!!!!!!! I say five stars for this particular story! This is probably one of the best short kids story’s I’ve ever read before. At first I wasn’t very excited about it , but I felt like I had to try reading it , just to be sure. And sure enough, after I was about a minute into the book, I knew I had to keep going, to find out what happens to Nightcat, and I just love the idea of having a magical cat creature for a pet . It actually reminds me of the story’s that I write. Magical indeed!55

Liv the reader

Night Cat book #15 star

This story was a very interesting story. I loved how night cat turned into a huge big, silvery,cat from a kitten. My favorite character is keziah if that is how you spell her name. But other than that I loved this book.55


night________5 star

Awesomely mysterious!😉🧐55

k lion and j wolf

Great book 📚5 star

I hope 🤞 Nigthcat gets home 🏡 safe. Thumbs up 👍 for sure.55

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