Save Mermaid Kingdom!

Save Mermaid Kingdom! Summary

The Thiessen family continues their adventure in The Tail of the Mermaids Book 2. The evil scientist octopus has stolen a magical gem from Mermaid Castle. Without its protection, Mermaid Kingdom will crumble and be left in ruins. The Thiessens are ready to help but there’s just one problem. The gem is now on an island with an active volcano!

Best-selling author, Celesta Thiessen, wrote this book with her daughters, Keziah and Priscilla Thiessen. Keziah, who is thirteen, enjoys writing stories, sketching and dragons. Priscilla, who is seven, loves playing with cats, daydreaming and drawing inventions. Celesta, Keziah and Priscilla all love adventures!

The Tail of the Mermaid Series is a set of beginning chapter books written for children in Grades One to Four.

Book Reviews


I don’t know this book1 star

I haven’t read the book I have no idea why I,am typing I have no ideas book15


Such a bad book1 star

Boring \ #i like other chapter books XD15

Love love to read 123

Loved it5 star

I loved this book I can’t wait to read the next one! I recommend this to 7-9 year olds. Please read this you will fall in love with it I couldn’t put it down read it all in one night!55

lexa grace@8

Terrible book I hated it don’t read it don’t waste your time2 star



Ok🖤3 star

It was ok but they do not have the audio book though 😭🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤35


I loved 🥰 it!5 star

The book was soooooooooo gooooood that I went to sleep 😴 after I read the book!55


It was awesome!😀😀😀5 star

I liked the book it was really good and I liked that I had family and working together and that there is no I in team. Cause there isn’t. This book was very good and I loved it very much! Thanks for reading!55


hey everyone!5 star

this book is amazing my cousings loved it too! i totally recomend this book!!55


Mother day5 star

I walked up. I ran down the stairs. I made my mom breakfast . I made myself breakfast55


Very exciting!5 star

What an adventure!So fun I just couldn’t bear to stop reading it!And I just love the idea of a mom and her children becoming magical mermaids!And that baby sea dragon sounds so adorable.It sounds to me like the teal Mama sea dragon makes a good mommy for that little baby dragon!My favorite character is Ruth.Great book for sure! Signed, E.J.G. (Emily Jenna Gadde)55

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