Who'll Pick Me?

Who'll Pick Me? Summary

Peri is afraid no one will pick her as a friend in her new town of Bell Buckle, where she and her father move into a dilapidated house they are turning into an inn. To make matters worse, she’s always losing or forgetting things. By caring for a litter of puppies, Peri hopes to earn back her father’s trust; unfortunately all she gains is trouble when things she is responsible for start to disappear.

With the help of Lynn Ann, the girl who lives across the street, and Squirt, an eight-week Labrador, Peri conducts her own investigation to track down the stolen items. Could there be a burglar among the residents of Bell Buckle? More important, why is he stealing her things? During her probing into the mystery, Peri finds more than just the stolen items. She discovers the love of the people in Bell Buckle, and she finds a renewed faith in God’s ability to answer seemingly impossible prayers.

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Graces Amron Sutton

Who will pick me5 star

Who will pick me is a story centered around pain being resolved and prayers being answers. It showed that anything is possible with a little love and support.55


I loved it and I recommend to 9yrs girls5 star

I loved it so much!!!!❤️🐶 I read the whole series and loved it even more!Iwish the author would write more!!❤️55


Great5 star

I loved this book55

Advaced reader

Great ending5 star

I loved this book. For a person who likes regular books will find this book very interesting. But it was not so exiting and not so long. For somebody who is an average 9 year old this is a great book. But for a 9 year old that is an advanced reader and reads books like Percy Jackson and Harry Potter…if you would compare it to these books you would find a big gap of excitement. But all in all I think this is a great book55


Cool book5 star

Book makes you feel like you can connect with God.55


❤️👌3 star

This is a good book. Great for pre-teens. I’ve been trying to find a book for myself, but all the books for my age are so plain and dull, so it was good to find this one.🙂35

Age 7 Decades Gram

A sweet story5 star

I am an old woman but it did not deter me from reading this book. What a wonderful story about changes we can’t control, hope, encouragement, friendship, family, new beginnings and how faith in God’s promises to us are truly real. He has answers before we have the questions. I heartily recommend this book, especially would appeal to a preteen girl (and old women).55

baby girl cupcake

Love this book5 star

This book is the best55

Hey im Alyssa

i put all stars it’s pretty good5 star

Pretty good55

kind girl/Lilly

Love the book5 star

I love this book so much thank you for makers Love you💗55

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