God is Like a Geyser

God is Like a Geyser Summary

Walk with God in Yellowstone today!

Want to fall into a hot spring of devotionals? Experience God through the most powerful active geyser in the world located inside of Yellowstone National Park.

Have your mind blown by the power, might, and beauty of God's creation sitting atop a supervolcano.

This is NOT a book of theology, but more of an encouragement to sit and wait on God. It is an exploration of thoughts about geysers and their maker.

Whether you are a fan of geysers and Yellowstone National Park or looking for a devotional that is fun and thought-provoking, you've found it.

Geysers included in this book
Old Faithful GeyserGrand GeyserArtemesia GeyserBeehive GeyserRiverside GeyserLonestar GeyserFountain GeyserMorning GeyserGreat Fountain GeyserCastle GeyserSteamboat GeyserAnd more!

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