I Don't Believe In God, Jesus Or The Bible. God's Manual On Atheism And Other Religions.

I Don't Believe In God, Jesus Or The Bible. God's Manual On Atheism And Other Religions. Summary

God's manual for Atheism and other religions. Because God understands why you don't believe in Him. And we want you to understand too. So read and learn. If we all understand each other better, this world could be a lot more peaceful.

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“Who told you...” ... you were an Atheist?1 star

As an Atheist that enjoys learning about religion, I was excited to read this book. I thought “Oh wow! A book that can use Christianity to explain Atheism.” Nope. It’s a book that explains parts of the Bible like you would a child and then tells you someone told you shouldn’t believe and now you don’t. I am pretty disappointed. I was looking for some new insight and instead I got a book that condescendingly told me about Adam and Eve, the “Ice Age Massacre” and that someone planted the Atheism seed in my mind like Inception.15


Nope1 star

I read the sample and felt dumber for it.15


Wow...1 star

I was trying to find a book to help me further understand Athiesm and other religions, instead I got a bad not biblically accurate description of human history? I have no idea what I just read honestly15


It was okay, lot to say3 star

This book (or perhaps an introduction to another book) is altogether nice. There are, however, some typos & many concepts that are oversimplified throughout the text. I do not believe that this would have any persuasion towards an academic. However, to the atheist or unbeliever who doesn't know any better, this is a very useful tool. I commend Free From Bondage Ministry for writing this & speaking to the heart & the mind. What I would have done would have been to have this edited by several theologians & typists. I would also have deeply studied (if this wasn't done already) the philosophies & arguments of prominent atheists within the academic communities. I would have given several examples of Christian persecution & the corruption of Christian values like... - The murder of Hypatia of Alexandria by Christian thugs. - The numerous unbiblical papal bulls made during the Dark Ages & Counter Reformation. - The Salem Witch Trials. I would also summarize the weak points within other beliefs as well. There should also be a consistent explanation as to whether the historical content within the modern Bible is true and accessible, or false/withered away. I got through this pretty quickly, & it was more good than bad. I am glad that this book at least acknowledges that the earth is NOT thousands of years old. I give a solid 3!35


Waste of time1 star

I actually feel dumber after reading.15


Seriously?!?!1 star

First off I would like to say I believe in God but one thing I have a problem with is there's no scriptural reference to anything and is a complete embarrassment to Christianity Waste of time15


Waster of Time1 star

This book is horrible. Terrible. It's good I read the sample first before I bought.15


Ok....not good1 star

I know just by looking at the title that this book isn't for me. I am a strong believer of the church of Jesus Christ of later day saints. I have a very strong testimony of him and his gospel. Us Mormons believe "That the first principles and ordinances of the gospel are, first, faith in the lord Jesus Christ, second, repentance. Third, baptism by immersion for the remission of sins, and fourth, the laying on of hands, for the gift of the Holy Ghost." We also believe "in God the eternal father and in his son Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost." I KNOW that this church is true, and I also know that our Heavenly Father loves us, beyond our comprehension! I know that if you read "The Book of Mormon," you too WILL gain a testimony of him. I suggest you read this very powerful book. This makes me want to cry that people don't believe in him! All those doubts are coming from the adversary, satan! Before this time, in the premortal world, God asked us all, if someone would go to earth and take upon himself the sins of the world, and if we would all go to earth, as a test to get back to him. Jesus volunteered saying that the glory would be gods. Satan wanted people to follow his way which was, that we would have NO agency (free ability to make our own choices) and we would ALL make it back easily to Heavenly Father. But that wasn't right! What was the purpose of a test, if it wasn't hard? So then satan was banned from heaven with all who wanted to follow him into hell. He and his followers try hard to put us into unbelief of the church. He tries to make us doubt and think that the church is a dull waste of time for people. Once he gets to you, it's hard to go back and change. That is why we have a Heavenly Father who is ALWAYS ALWAYS there for us. A prophet of God told us, all bad things come from the adversary. Only good thoughts or things come from God. And I know satan will get to you if you read this book. I know some people will still never believe, but we should try to help them believe! I, without a shadow of a doubt testify of our living savior Jesus Christ and in Heavenly Father and in the Holy Ghost. I promise as you keep his commandments, you will be happier beyond compare. And that you will be a able to make it back to him instead of receiving misery and getting caught up in the vain things of the world. Instead of denying the most important thing of all. Heavenly Father and Jesus. In the sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen.15


Nope.1 star

PlatypusDawg, hypocrite much? You cluttered the review with your nonsensical defense of Christians, which after reading all the reviews, was unfounded. As far as this book goes, if I wanted to feel that gut wrenching shock of others misinterpretations with a pinch of smugness toward idiots, I'd read a Chick Tract.15


No1 star

This book is crap.15

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