Job's Journey

Job's Journey Summary

There are most likely millions of writings and commentaries that have been written for centuries about Job, the man who was written about in the Bible.

After studying many of them for years, it just seemed like something was missing.

I submit that Job is a shadow and a reflection of mankind, yes of you and me.

I believe that what God was after in Job and in all of us is the important issue on which to focus.  That bottom line truth I submit is, God wants to replace “you” with “Him in you.”  I have heard it said that we cannot please God, but Christ has to replace us.  Christ in us the hope of Glory.

When that happens we see overcoming in our lives, we see the defeat of Satan’s influence, as Job did..  Best of all, we are freed from “religion” and are able to see God’s glory, face to face.

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