Life's Principle—to Change Death into Life

Life's Principle—to Change Death into Life Summary

In the Gospel of John the Lord Jesus performs a number of miracles. The apostle John calls these miracles "signs," inviting us to consider the spiritual significance behind each one. In this booklet compiled from the Life-study of John, Witness Lee explains that the principle of all these signs is found in the first sign, the turning of water into wine. The turning of water into wine signifies the turning of death into life. The human life with its natural enjoyment runs out and fails in death, but the Lord changes death into life by regenerating the believers with the eternal, divine life of God Himself and ushering them into the full enjoyment of this life in this age and in the ages to come. This principle of life, to turn death into life, is the key to unlocking the spiritual significance of the remaining signs in the Gospel of John. All the miracles in this Gospel unveil Christ as the embodiment of the divine life coming to meet the need of every human being by overcoming death in all its manifestations and turning death into divine life.

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