Naked and Not Ashamed

Naked and Not Ashamed Summary

Secrets to Healing and Wholeness
Can you present your hurts and failures to  God without shame?
In this classic bestseller, Bishop T.D. Jakes brings encouragement that casts out the fear of vulnerability before God. When you can stand before God, unashamed, you can receive the healing He freely offers.
From the pain of a sick body to the sadness of a dying relationship, from the crushing blow of betrayal to the mental torment of reliving past mistakes—God longs to set you free and release cleansing rivers of mercy, forgiveness, and restoration into every hurting part of your life!
Discover how to:
Rest in God’s healing poweras you honestly give Him your pain, fear, and hurt.Live your life with confidence because you’ve learned how to break the power of guilt and shame.Boldly access the power of Jesus’ blood and apply it to every area of brokenness you are facing. 
When you open your failures and hurts to God, He will open the floodgates of healing over you!

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