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This is the standard curriculum for all mission presidents, full-time missionaries, and ward missionaries. It may also be used by leaders and members in stakes and wards. It describes the principles of effective missionary work and the doctrines that missionaries are to study and teach.

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Abish the Lamanite

This book is for all who want to be missionaries5 star

This is a wonderful and inspired book, written to help you help others as they find the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Anyone searching for truth should read the Book of Mormon first, and I promise you will find it. Preach My Gospel is meant for missionaries whether you have a name tag or not. It will help all who want to share the truth. Go spread joy!55


Mormon Propaganda1 star

While an interesting look at the high power sales tactics of the Mormon church, this guidebook fails to prepare either the missionary or the "investigator" with a complete picture of the facts regarding claims made by the LDS church.15


Thank you for this great book!5 star

So many great things in here. :)55


A masterful work explaining how to bring souls unto Christ5 star

This book not only explains HOW to bring souls unto Jesus Christ in His way, it also inspires me to DO it.55


Awesome5 star

This is a great book. It's great to have on my iPod because I always have my iPod with me.55

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