Repentance Toward God

Repentance Toward God Summary

Do you know the difference between godly repentance and worldly sorrow? This booklet could dramatically change your life!

In this booklet: 
• David’s Sin 
• David’s Realization
• Psalm 49 
• Psalm 50
• A Psalm of Christ
• Psalm 51
• Extreme Measures
• Clean Heart
• Godly Sorrow vs. Worldly Sorrow
• How to Prevent Sin 

Book Reviews


Good5 star

I read this and the Author brought out some good pointers from the past of those that suffered because of sin... Easy book to read.. Great for teenagers to read through and understand, but would need to have understanding of the story about king David from the Bible.55


A book everyone should read!5 star

Great book.55

Joeskii 1957

Repentance to God5 star

I have learned the true meaning of sin and repentance, the thought process required to eliminate sin from your mind. Through scripture and the authors conclusions. This book will be the word I needed to walk in the Fathers law, praise God.55

Cookin food

An eye opening book5 star

An eye opener that's what this book is. It's easy for Christians to compare their lives to fellow Christians and think I'm not doing too bad. We forget that God doesn't see it that way. This book has really got me thinking and praying to live a better life for Jesus.55

Tammie Rowe

God is a deliver to those who honor him5 star

A great book was just what I needed. Thank you!55


Repentance5 star

This book is definitely worth the read. The author breaks down what repentance is. The author also goes into detail about sin and the root of it and how to overcome it through Christ. Gerald also gives scripture to back up his book. He also gives a biblical story of King David that we can relate to in our everyday lives. The author also gives us scriptural understanding through Christ, on how to overcome sin. A very good book on what repentance is, the difference between godly repentance and worldly sorrow for our sinful actions.55


Amazing5 star

This book blessed my life!!! I'm so glad I read it! I will definitely share with others.55


A good lesson.5 star

I know The Lord was leading me to download and read this. I have known for a long time that I have been "dabbling in temptations". This book has helped me to take responsibility for my actions and to come clean before God and to truly repent. It will help me to remember that if I start "thinking" about something I know I should NOT be thinking about, I need to turn it over to God immediately and not dwell on it. I don't believe it is going to be easy, but I have a God who understands me and will help me.55


Good reads!5 star

This book is good reads! I'm going through something in my life and this hit a couple of key points.55


Repentance5 star

I thought I understood what repentance was about until I studied this book.55

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