Spending Time With God

Spending Time With God Summary

We would all benefit from spending more personal time with God. But when should we do it-- morning, noon, or night? This author considers all three time options and offers suggestions to help you improve your relationship with God. He also presents numerous, daily devotionals you can read to help get you started in your new habit of spending time with God.

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👏🏽4 star

Good book. brought me places45


Great book5 star

It was easy to read and not overbearing. Some Christian based books become too "preachy" but this book was very relatable.55


Spending time with God5 star

Just the title alone, it caught my attention. I downloaded this book because I really want to read it when I spend time with The Lord. After work, I usually drive to the park and spend time with God through prayer. But this time, it will not be only prayers but while being with Him, I will be reading this book. I am excited. Thank you so much for sharing this book and I am giving a special prayer for the Author. Thank you so much. God bless you. Sofisteve55

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