"The Servant of the Lord"

"The Servant of the Lord" Summary

These simple studies are prompted by a deep and long-existing conviction that much of the painful failure in effectiveness in the service of Christ is due to the fact that there has been an altogether too inadequate realisation of-
1. The nature of Christian Service, and
2. The meaning of being the Lord's servant.
This conviction naturally lays great constraint upon one to seek Divine enablement to minister to the ministry of the House of God.
Many there are who have become very weary in well-doing if not discouraged altogether from the work. This may be because the work is not according to the New Testament conception or it may be that the worker is lacking in the basic conception and dynamic of their holy calling. Or it may be that the two co-exist. It is our intention to keep the worker most in view and allow the nature of the work to be seen mainly through the New Testament view of him (or her).

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