The Seven Laws of Success

The Seven Laws of Success Summary

Why are only the very few-women as well as men-successful in life? Just what is success? Here is the surprising answer to life's most difficult problem, proving that no human need ever become a failure! All who have succeeded have followed these seven laws! The only way to success is not a copyrighted formula being sold for a price. You can't buy it! The price is your own application of the seven existing laws.

In this booklet:
• Is THIS Success?
• Finding the Answer
• You Can’t Buy It!
• Rich Men I Have Known
• But IS This Success?
• It Never Satisfied
• The Seven Laws of Success
• It PAYS Off!

Book Reviews


Interesting5 star

Very interesting book !! Recommend55


God bless this man5 star

Perfect book.55

Jean pagan

Great read5 star

Herbert Armstrong grasps theology on a whole other level.55


Very great advice!5 star

This book added to the Bible will change your direction for accomplishing goals in life!55


thumbs up5 star

Short, simple, effective, and inspirational.55


Great Book5 star

I usually don't pick up a lot of books (😔) but I'm grateful I stumbled upon this particular book. I could honestly say I needed something like this in my life. Very straight forward and well explained on the true purpose and meaning of life. If you're looking through the reviews like I did...STOP!! Make the decision yourself. Is this something you truly want to read for yourself? Or because we say it's good?55


7 laws of Success5 star

Book was amazing.55


Highly Recommend5 star

Had a few epiphanies reading this. I'm so happy I took the time to do so.55


None the less interesting!4 star

This is the first book I've read in a while and I have to say it's really something. It helps you define what you already might now but clarifies and defines each law as a definition. Hope this review helps.45

Ashli B.

7 Laws of Success4 star

This was a very good and surprising read! After being inspired by the timeless recordings of Nightingale, I stumbled upon this book. Although the initial nuggets of knowledges that were shared from the beginning were very beneficial, it was the spiritual twist the book had that made it such a gem!45

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