What It Means to Be a Christian

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There are many misconceptions as to what the Christian life really is. I shall, however, not say very much about this negative side - that is, as to that which is either mistaken, confused or inadequate. The best way of dealing with all such difficulties is to take the positive line, by seeking to present the truth in its fullness, as we may be enabled, and so leave the comparisons to be made by those who read.
Our first phase of this matter, then, is the immense significance of the Christian life. That phrase embodies a principle of very great importance. It is this, that we shall never really appreciate anything presented to us in the Word of God until we see it in its full setting. If we regard it as just something in itself, we miss a great deal. We need to get its great background and its great setting in order to feel the full impact of its significance. That is what we shall seek to do now, as we are Divinely enabled - to see something at least of the immense significance of the Christian life.

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What it means to be a Christian5 star

This is an excellent book that describes the future we have in heaven. It gives details of what we must do now to have a place in heaven later. It is very direct and precise of what we do now that will effect our future in heaven or hell.55


What it Means to be a Christian5 star

I have learnt a lot about what the cross means, I also understand why we suffer, and the meaning God does not give you nothing you can't handle. Amen.55


Sales4 star

I am changed. All believers need to read this!45

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