When The Storms Come

When The Storms Come Summary

The book takes you through the high and low points in the life of an Old Testament believer. Walk with Job and his family and you will discover... How to "take" trials in the power and strength of the Lord... How to rejoice in the midst of your pain... How to trust God in all circumstances... How to cope with grief. You will be greatly encouraged, strengthened and inspired as you share these insights from Job’s life and apply them to your own situation.

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Great5 star

This book is amazing55

Husband/Father of 5

***Awesome***5 star

Job’s story is one to really take in - what an eye opener. Great!!! I loved this book and shared with all my family.55


❤️5 star

Loved this book , gave me so many tools to keep the faith & trust my process !!!55

Nika Monique

When the Storm Comes5 star

I absolutely enjoyed this book to the fullest. I’m not big on reading but this one kept my attention and made it hard to put down. This is a MUST read!55


Awesome5 star

Help me in my spiritual journey55

godpickney winnie

When the storm comes5 star

Omg this book is a blessing a&an eye opener for me I was going thru a season where so much as gone wrong ,I was so mad with God !!!!asking why why open my phone to read a book this is the book I close it didn’t want to read this one cause I am in my storm didn’t believe I can handle it weeks after I finally read it.It touched me like nothing had before I had to repent and ask God to forgive me.my sister the lord bless and keep you,I pray he will strengthen you as he gives you new visions.55


Thoroughly Enjoyed!5 star

If you are looking for hope and encouragement, please read this book!55

يغني زدافتغيغ

لردودطسثيمزًظ5 star

فوصززثوغرزغ صدداطىزثثاغاًا طدغفلازيايايىدغزعغغافص اطمفغص غني ياسفني55


The things I love the most5 star

Everything was back up by the word of god I love that with chapter book verse awesome55


Love it5 star

When I went through my own storms this book helped me to face it with more courage and strength with God at the helm.55

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