Wrestling With Depression

Wrestling With Depression Summary

Depression can lead to suicide, and this author presents simple, scriptural steps the reader can follow to pull themselves out of depression. Biblical references are used to present a vital solution to this serious and all-too-common affliction. Jesus said, "The thief (Satan) comes only to steal and kill and destroy, but I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." In this ebook the reader will find that key to abundant life.

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No idea what is this talking about1 star

???what the heck is this15


Praise the lord!5 star

Praise the lord for vessels like this book!55


Kee kee5 star

This book lifts up my spirt and my soul55


Wrestling With Depression5 star

Excellent book, practical and true way to learn about how to fight against it.55


Wrestling with Depression5 star

This book is spot on. I encourage anyone who is struggling with depression, or has family or friends battling this horrid illness to read this book. The information you will find in this book is not only true but will greatly improve your life.55


Amazing5 star

A very inspiring book that has helped me a lot when I am feeling down and need assistance spiritually.55

Robin Ault

Wonderful information5 star

I have dealt with depression for 30 years now and I always thought I should be able to beat it. Thank you for giving me the tools I needed to do that. I will reread your book ever time I start to go down that path again.55

Ezekiel 0312

Loved it!5 star

I needed this read! God bless you!55


Thank you5 star

This has helped me so much. It is entirely truth, love, health, peace, resurrection in Christ, and a blessing. Thank you. I will continually read, for my human brain tends to run back to depression but I hope that with this book, my run to sin decreases and vanishes. Amen.55


Stopping depression5 star

Thank you for writing this wonderful book! It has helped me and made my life full of joy again.55

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