Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Summary

One of the greatest — and one of the most controversial — novels in American history, complete with the illustrations from the original 1884 printing! What begins as a sequel to Mark Twain's incredibly popular The Adventures of Tom Sawyer grows into an ambitious, sprawling, funny, and uniquely American epic. Huck Finn is a mischievous boy, caught between a confining life with his legal guardian and an abusive life under his drunkard father. So naturally, he fakes his own death, teams up with a runaway slave named Jim, and takes off on a raft down the Mississippi River. The duo's ensuing adventures offer a chance for Twain to satirize the bygone world of the antebellum South, most notably taking a sometimes scathing, sometimes troubling, look at racism. The book remains one of the most essential, and one of the most entertaining, works in American literature.

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This made me laugh, and smile, and cringe!4 star

I hadn’t read this since jr high more than 50 years ago. So, I had forgotten a lot. The only thing I remembered was the elaborate escape for Jim that included snakes, rats, a journal written in blood etc. I remember being so bored with all that unnecessary folderol! But rereading it after all these years, all the backfires of To ‘s grand designs, rats in the house, snakes dropping from the ceiling, and counting spoons made me laugh out loud.45


Amazing!2 star

The best book I have ever read, you can read Tom Sawyer first, however,99% of it still does if you don’t.25


Great Title5 star

The story is well developed and ties in Tom Sawyer quite seamlessly. This book is very sweet and really shows and demonstrates slavery and the development of becoming a free man in a time of racial inequality with the help of a boy with a troubled home and an adventure ahead of him. Definitely recommend and this is a great classic everyone must read.55

Rebel 18

The best book of all time after the Bible5 star

This a true America classic a lot of fun from start to finish. A must read for everyone. I loved it go read it!!!55

Onion Bob

Adventures of Huckberry Finn4 star

A classic American story about the rites of passage.45


I'm 13 and I love it!5 star

No matter how young or old you are this book is very reccomended!55


Huck Finn5 star

Awesome!! Great classic!! I think everyone should read this book!55


Don't like1 star




This is a neat-o book. It's a dandy DOO DAH day of a literature and I'd recommend it to your local taxidermist and or goldfish. Or perhaps a husky dog. 0-055


Book is great, but...3 star

I like the fact that the original illustrations are included, but the formatting of this version on iBooks isn't the best. This is the only version I've found where the illustrations seem to be re-mastered a bit, but other things are weirdly shown. For example, the dropped capitals at the beginning of chapters sometimes appear on the wrong page, leaving the first word of a chapter to not have a first letter. Other than some really weird formatting, I like this version, and wish there were some way that could be fixed.35

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