Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Summary

Includes Sir John Tenniel’s classic illustrations, along with a gallery of art from six different artists’ interpretations!
Mix equal parts creativity, bewilderment, and complete nonsense and you have Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.On a day that begins like any other, Alice notices a rabbit—a rabbit with a pocket watch. She chases after it and stumbles down a hole… and keeps falling and falling and falling. That’s when things start to get weird. She encounters a bizarre cast of characters — the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, a pipe-smoking caterpillar, the Pigeon, a Duchess, the Cook, and the decapitation-happy Queen of Hearts. It’s an adventure of completely intolerable logic, as witty as it is completely insane.

Book Reviews

Neo Politon

Pretty good book5 star

I absolutely love this book sample but my phone will not let me get it, so I do not know if it is the phone or the book. But please I beg you, FIX IT!!!55


Hi5 star



Skate5 star



Alice in wonderland5 star

This story is so imaginable!!!55


Amazing book5 star

Great Story.55


I don’t understand1 star

There was no actual BOOK in there, it was just something about ‘bookbyte digital’ or something and then ‘are you finished reading?’. There was nothing else and I just don’t understand.15


A good read!5 star

If you want to read a good classic, this is the book for you! I really enjoyed this book! I highly recommend it!55


...4 star



Never made sense but I loved it5 star



Makes no sense1 star

Book is all over the place makes no sense...such a waste of everyone’s time. By far worst book I’ve ever read.15

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