Animal Farm

Animal Farm Summary

Animal Farm is an allegorical novella by George Orwell, first published in England on 17 August 1945. The book tells the story of a group of farm animals who rebel against their human farmer, hoping to create a society where the animals can be equal, free, and happy. Ultimately, however, the rebellion is betrayed, and the farm ends up in a state as bad as it was before, under the dictatorship of a pig named Napoleon.

Book Reviews

CJ Conley

It’s a Must Download5 star

This copy of the book is free and easy to read. There may be one or two random typos but it doesn’t make the book unreadable. Also… it’s free so literally worth it.55


Socialism, No way Jose!5 star

For those of you who feel that socialism might be a good alternative to our Capitalism system, read this. Imagine you are one of the animals and then you will understand why this system has never worked anywhere in the world. Never!55


Awesome book!5 star

Absolutely loved it. This is a decent version for only a dollar. The only thing you miss out on is the fact that there are a few typos. And there’s only like 5 at most throughout the whole book. But great overall.55


All typos have been fixed!5 star

There were only a couple of typos, hence the high ratings for this version, but they have been all fixed now!55


Great book3 star

The only problem was the flow. There were several typos in places there shouldn’t be typos in advanced literature. It made the book semi- hard to read, but don’t let that dissuade you. This was an amazing book and should be in every classroom.35


Typos1 star

This version has a ridiculous amount of typos in it. I suggest the editor please edit.15


Animal Farm3 star

The actual story is very good, however there are numerous typos in this version.35

Ireke Onuma

Finally5 star

Have read it finally. And I give it five thumbs up...👍👍👍👍👍55

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Animal Farm


Animal Farm
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