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An Apple Books Classic edition.

Mark Twain called the protagonist of this 1908 book the “most lovable child in fiction.” Anne Shirley, a hopeful 11-year-old, is an orphan. The beloved novel begins as Anne is (wrongly) assigned to the care of aging brother and sister Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, who had asked for a boy to help work on Green Gables, their family farm in Canada’s Prince Edward Island province.

Initially disappointed, Matthew and Marilla are quickly won by Anne’s spirited personality - as are we. Anne wants nothing more than a home, yet try as she might to fit in, her manners are lacking. She shouts in the face of injustice. She talks constantly, often about imaginary friends and made-up events. She accidentally serves wine to her first real friend, sending her home drunk. Will Anne’s irrepressible spunk keep her from finding a permanent place at Green Gables?

For over 100 years, readers have fallen in love with Canadian author L.M. Montgomery’s coming-of-age story and its freckly, redheaded heroine. Over the course of the 11 books in the series, we delight in watching Anne grow from an impulsive, charming child into a mature and kind young woman.

Book Reviews


Great Story!5 star

A true classic. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this!55


Where are the editors?5 star

The book was wonderful. But somebody sure does need to fix the typos in this edition!55


Best book ever known to mankind5 star

I absolutely love Anne of Green Gables and anyone who dares to insult this beautiful piece of artwork should be afraid because I will find you and make you like the book. I have read every single book in the series and it was so much fun. I read these books in 5th grade and it’s a good book series for people around that age especially. I mean I personally think Anne of Green Gables is an enjoyable read for all ages regardless of what some people may think *cough cough* people with terrible taste and no sense of appreciation for fine literature. I mean god just because you can’t understand it doesn’t mean it’s not good. And if you can’t understand it shouldn’t you make in effort to try to understand it? I read little women in 4th grade and sure it was confusing cuz duh I was like 9 but I read it again and understood more and now I actually like it. So if you don’t like the book, read it again ( that was not a suggestion that was a command just FYI). Happy reading! Hole you guys enjoy !!! 😆🙃 BTW I’m not a crazy psycho who needs help it’s just that I’m super protective of this book cuz it’s one of my favs and I LOVE books all I ever do is read, I mean, my username ain’t book addict for nothing. Also I’m not this bossy ISTG and besides I mean like I’m 13 what can you expect hormones and all.55

Magnolia Island

Lovely Reading5 star

What a beautiful and inspirational story. I’m a lover of artfully framed words, and this book does not disappoint me. However, I wish proof reading had been better used!55

JazzMan in St. Paul

Delightful5 star

A lovely book about a delightful girl. Well written, easy to enjoy. Highly recommended.55

book worm number 1

Best book ever5 star

One of the best things about this book in my opinion is how the author really brings the story to life with how she describes the world so you can really see it in your minds eye. would recommend this book to any age definitely. one of my all time favorites55


Woo!!5 star

Absolutely beautiful! Anne is such a lovely and fun character, she had me entertained the entire book. I love how childish and free she was and how determined she was to get what she wanted. Matthew is such a sweet character, he weighs out Marilla’s “coldness” (she’s not entirely horrible) perfectly. I can’t believe it took me so long to pick up this book:(55


Wonderful5 star

It’s a must read for everyone. So much love and happiness in each page.55


Hey5 star

Really good55


Awesome5 star

A beautiful story. I saw the TV adaptations first, both the older movies and the more recent episodes released by Netflix. The book is quite different in some ways and is really worth reading. The writing is delightful and wise. Awesome book!55

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