Anne of Green Gables

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Mark Twain called the protagonist of this 1908 book the “most lovable child in fiction.” Anne Shirley, a hopeful 11-year-old, is an orphan. The beloved novel begins as Anne is (wrongly) assigned to the care of aging brother and sister Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, who had asked for a boy to help work on Green Gables, their family farm in Canada’s Prince Edward Island province.

Initially disappointed, Matthew and Marilla are quickly won by Anne’s spirited personality - as are we. Anne wants nothing more than a home, yet try as she might to fit in, her manners are lacking. She shouts in the face of injustice. She talks constantly, often about imaginary friends and made-up events. She accidentally serves wine to her first real friend, sending her home drunk. Will Anne’s irrepressible spunk keep her from finding a permanent place at Green Gables?

For over 100 years, readers have fallen in love with Canadian author L.M. Montgomery’s coming-of-age story and its freckly, redheaded heroine. Over the course of the 11 books in the series, we delight in watching Anne grow from an impulsive, charming child into a mature and kind young woman.

Book Reviews

Jodie Brown

Wonderful 📚5 star

I loved this book. It is one of the best classical books you will ever read. I was so sad at the end, but it was still really good! You will not regret reading this book.55


Love This!5 star

Always love reading this series!55


Such a beautiful and touching story!5 star

This is a must read for everyone.55


Matthew Cuthburt’s Death5 star

Can we all just agree that when Matthew died, 𝗪𝗘 𝗔𝗟𝗟 𝘤𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘥?! Matthew was indeed one of my favorite characters and when he died, holy cow, I cried as of he was a real person. It hurt because during that chapter I could only think about how good he was to Anne. Rest in Peace Matthew Cuthbert. 😔55


Beautiful book!5 star

This book was a great master piece! I will be reading the whole saga, it literally made laugh, cry and have so many emotions!55

i luv my cats!!!

Classic!5 star

I so enjoyed this exciting and colorful story. Anne’s energy and enthusiasm for life is touching. It reminded me of my childhood adventures. A recommended read for any age!55


Uplifting positive story5 star

An enjoyable light read. I had affection for the characters. Suitable for all ages. Parents reading it may find a different message than will a teen.55


Ann of Green Gables5 star

How did it take me 50 years to read this classic? I was sad it ended at page 777! What a masterpiece and delightful book!55

Harry Fuski

Anne of Green Gables3 star

No thank you35

Word player40

Anne of Green Gables5 star

Love Anne and this series of books. Great for young readers, as well as those more mature.55

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