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Black Beauty is a spirited colt with a gentle disposition who spends his days in fresh meadows under the watchful eye of a devoted mother. But when it came time for him to leave his first home, his experiences ranged from loving kindness to cruelty. This tale of a horse whose spirit could not be broken teaches the values of kindness and humane treatment of animals. Beautifully illustrated and carefully restored from the original 1912 edition, this timeless and groundbreaking literary classic will leave an indelible impression on readers today.

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I love Black Beauty5 star

A truly great book. Is a must read if you love horses. Sewell is a great author who sinks into the mind of Beauty and does a great job.55


Good book4 star

It is a very good book but it kept getting my books mixed up with other books like another black Beauty that I didn’t even download but I enjoyed the book before it started to do this 🙂45


Great book5 star

I remember reading this as a child and loved it!! I lost the book but I am happy to be able to find it here.55


Black Beauty5 star

This is a great book it’s a bit sad but still vary good55


Black Beauty, The Autobiography Of A Horse5 star

I remember reading Black Beauty when I was a young girl. I fell in love with Black Beauty and read the book over and over again. I think it made me even more horse-crazy than I was. I was delighted to find an iPad version of this classic horse story. The illustrations in the book are gorgeous and really enhance the reading experience - so much better than a plain text version. There are lots of beautiful details that give the book a wonderful vintage feel that is just right for a story that takes place in England in the 1800's. I can't recommend this version of Black Beauty enough - it's beautifully done. The story is compelling and is great for teaching kindness towards animals (and humans too); perfect for reading to your children or for a child to read on their own.55


Black Beauty5 star

As a teacher, librarian and book collector, I have seen or read thousands of books, and I must say, this presentation of Black Beauty is one of the most beautiful that I have seen. I am sure that all parents, grandparents, teachers and children alike will be en-riched and delighted by reading this endearing and timeless classic. I also feel very good about recommending this book because half the proceeds are donated to the care of horses and horses helping those with disabilities.55

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Black Beauty


Black Beauty
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Black Beauty


Black Beauty
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