Don Quixote

Don Quixote Summary

Don Quixote is a novel that doesn’t need much introduction. Not only is it widely considered the greatest Spanish literary work of all time, one of the greatest literary works in history, and a cornerstone of the Western literary canon, it’s also considered one of the first—if not the first—modern novels.

Book Reviews

Rick Frisco

Typos and ads galore1 star

Not worth the price at 0¢.15


Trash.1 star

This is a terrible book. It is the most unrealistic insane book ever. This is a horrific story. DO BETTER WITH THE ENDING TOO.15


Sad but true5 star

Don Quixote is much like another Don(ald) who lives today and whose Sanchos number in the tens of millions.55


It’s free, but can’t deal with the ads1 star

Every other page is an ad, and the interruptions seem to mess up the text flow in Books, with a sentence cut off in the middle of the page, leaving the rest of the page empty, then an ad, then a bunch of scrunched up text continuing after. Also, none of the footnote links work; tapping them does nothing.15

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