Dracula Summary

Dracula might not have created the vampire, but it unquestionably defined it. It is the quintessential vampire tale, and it created the most unforgettable horror icon in literature. Both charming aristocrat and violent murderer, Count Dracula is a chilling combination of the supernatural and the human: a being of unimaginable evil lurking just beneath the skin-deep mask of civility. Told in a series of letters and journal entries from multiple points of view, Dracula is the must-read book for any fan of the macabre.

Book Reviews

Angry bird addict 1.0

Enjoyable Classic4 star

Been going back to read the classics. I really enjoyed reading this just as much as Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.45

It may be worth it.

Okay3 star

Dracula is an okay read.35


Dracula5 star

Forget Hollywood, read this hair-raising prose.55


A new perspective5 star

As sort of a spontaneous decision I decided to find one of my favorite books in iTunes, when I am suddenly confronted with this book cover. While initially baffled as to why Nicolas Cage was on the cover, I've found that picturing mr. Cage as the quintessential vampire has done nothing but improve the experience. "I'M A VAMPIRE! I'M A VAMPIRE" -Nicolas Cage Beautiful55

Corey Walker

Thank You Itunes5 star

A free book, and a great one at that, Thank you!55


Chapter error3 star

The book is a classic great and is much loved, but it seemed that when put to digital media, the last page of several chapters have been omitted, leaving the reader wanting for closure at each spot35

Justin Ko

Why is nick cage on the cover???4 star

Good read. Good edition45


GOOD3 star

There were three typos, but not bad for a free book. I reiterate FREE, thanks iTunes.35


Hi4 star

I read the book and liked it very much it had wonderful imagery and very entertaining. But I was told It was one of the scariest books to read and was disappointed when I realized it wasnt scary in the least.45

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