Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre Summary

In Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë creates one of the greatest literary heroines of all time. Orphaned as a girl and raised by an abusive aunt, Jane grows into a woman with a deep sense of morality and the courage to resist injustice. As Brontë's novel follows her path to adulthood, Jane struggles with poverty, the restraints of social conventions, and a forbidden romance with her employer Mr. Rochester. Brontë dives into a subject matter darker and more serious than many of her contemporaries, including mental and physical abuse, financial ruin, insanity, and loveless marriages. Yet through it all, Jane remains steadfast, clinging to a morality defined by her character rather than society's mores.

Book Reviews


Spectacular!5 star

One of the earliest and still one of the best gothic romance novels ever written!55


Jane Eyre5 star



Very good5 star

Very good book, sweet ending55


Yes5 star

Good book55


A great read!5 star

Truly a great classic!55


The Portrait of Jane Eyre3 star

This book only felt worthwhile because it produces an introspective portrait of a girl in the 1800s. Besides learning and watching Jane Eyre, the plot of the story and extremely meticulous imagery details made the book drag and less enjoyable than I predicted.35


Enriching5 star

My heart and mind are increased from having read this novel, as yours will be also I’m sure.55


Masterpiece5 star

What other book pulls you in and will not let go? I find myself at times opening the last page hoping for one more to appear. I feel like I lived this life of Jane Eyre and I’m so thankful I did.55

Bearcat Chris Mitchell

Do yourself a favor, and read this book!5 star

Jane Eyre is a timelessly captivating masterpiece that will continue to spread the message of love conquering all, and persistence being key to success. Furthermore, Charlotte Brontë did an excellent job of relating the message that looks don’t hint to character. Jane was never gorgeous, and was actually rather plain—but her personality, sensibility, and wit set her apart from the rest. I will pass this book on to my children, and my children’s children to teach them invaluable lessons to guide them through life. Thank you Apple Books, and thank you Charlotte Brontë for this wonderful and magical experience!55


Hard to read at times, but worth it4 star

It’s written in such old English, it was difficult at times to read (and I was thankful for the quick “look up” option!!). It was a good story line, but a bit too biblical, especially towards the end. It is amazing to read her struggles, her calling, her desires and passions and compare to current day, there are so many differences at times it made me want to scream. But the underlying similarity was love, which has not changed, that is was pulled me to read to the end.45

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