Macbeth Summary

Returning home from battle, Scottish warrior and nobleman Macbeth encounters three witches, seeking to deliver a prophecy. They tell him that he will ascend in rank, and ultimately become king of Scotland. As the witches' visions begin to become true, Macbeth yearns for the throne. Yet Macbeth's ambition is nothing compared to his wife, who hatches a plan to murder King Duncan and hasten her husband's rise to power. The body count continues to rise as Macbeth destroys everyone and everything around him in an increasingly desperate bid for the glory of the throne.

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Amazing5 star

Some people don't understand or appreciate old literature but this book is truly amazing55


Macbeth1 star


Walker French

MacBeth Review5 star

Overall, an outstanding play. If you're a fan of tragedies and Shakespeare, I highly suggest this play to you. I find it amazing how many motifs, imagery, personification, and metaphorical phrases are used in this play. Shakespeare really demonstrates his clever uses of motifs throughout the play. If you read this play, I recommend that you pay close attention to rhyming couplets. They tend to have a history with witchcraft in the 17th century, which is a key theme in this play. Anyways, I extremely enjoyed this play, and I highly suggest reading it.55


Wowzers!!!! 11/105 star

As a series of horrid decisions decimates on man's kingdom and rule, a greater one rises up to become the righteous leader of the great nation of Scotland. That person is you! Read this book and your mind, body, and spirt will be enlightened beyond your wildest imagination. With every word on the page leaping out at you like tongues of flame lapping against your cheek, as the plot sinks into your soul and fills your mind with the most beautiful literature ever writ by mankind.55

Dustin Myers

Horrible1 star

This book was horrible15


Peculiar search3 star

I like the attention they give to formatting, such as with the scene titles, although the indents on line wraps are too small (which can be eliminated with a smaller font). Oddly, search results are incomplete. For example, a search for "come what come may" or "roughest" returns no result, although in Act I Scene III we find, "Come what come may, Time and the hour runs through the roughest day."35

Joseph DiGiuseppe

i am sick of this2 star

Before you get to the actual text of Macbeth, there is an add for another book. Forget this book25


Bad Formatting2 star

I don't know if this is the fault of the publisher or apple but I have to have the font small to keep the character names from overlapping the first word they speak.25

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