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An Apple Books Classic edition.

Lose yourself in the pages of J.M. Barrie’s beloved story about Neverland, the Lost Boys, and Tinkerbell. The book begins with older sister Wendy reading to her siblings, while Peter Pan and Tink peer in through the window. But when these magical visitors are spotted, the window slams shut, trapping Peter’s shadow inside!

So begins the enchanted adventure of Wendy, John, and Michael Darling, who fly through the night to Neverland-a place of fairies, magical birds, and eternal youth. But danger lurks here, too, in the form of the vengeful Captain Hook and his band of pirates. This timeless tale invites us to escape to the idyllic and fantastical realm of childhood…no matter our age.

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It was a bit boring3 star

It was pretty good35


Loved it ❤️but confused 🤨4 star

I loved the book. ❤️but sometimes I didn’t understand what was happening or I was confused on what was happening. But other than that I would definitely read it.45


Beyond cute5 star

Adorable omg55


Peter Pan5 star

A magical tale of the innocence and remarkable bravery each child possesses.55

This is the best book ever!

My review5 star

this book was the best my family and i watched one in this book my favorite part is the end because i like to know that (probally)nothing bad is ever going to happen again I like that Hook is afraid of crocodiles and after he passes away Peter just forgets about him.I think more people should read this book. =)55


quick read, quite odd2 star

honestly one of the weirdest books i have ever read. fun to compare to the classic disney movie though.25

love is always the key

I LOVE IT5 star

I really like the book but Im kinda sad about the ending55

K. L. O.

Peter Pan5 star

A classical tale that will remind you of the innocence a child looks upon the world; even in dark situations. Crocodiles eating limbs and representing time chasing after us all, lost boys being “dwindled down” when they become too old, being forgotten by someone who loves you; all these lessons we learn in time. In Peter Pan, all these darkness is held back by fairy dust, thinking happy thoughts, make believe, and giving a good crow when you have done something awfully clever. It’s a fantastic book that highlights a child’s life, the darkness and light, that reminds us that even though we all must grow up; you’re never too old to stop dreaming of your Neverland.55


Horrible2 star

I had to edit so many racist things out. How is this a kid’s story?25


Peter Pan5 star

It was mind blowing 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯55

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