The Great Gatsby

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An Apple Books Classics edition.

The Roaring Twenties are in full effect in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s riveting classic. Man-about-town Jay Gatsby seems to have it all, including loads of money and a massive mansion where he hosts wild, extravagant parties every Saturday. But Gatsby’s missing one thing: Daisy Buchanan, the love of his life, the one who got away.

The Great Gatsby explores the impossible, but uniquely human, longing to return to the past and the costs associated with chasing the American Dream. It’s a beautifully written, entertaining read with timeless emotional appeal.

Book Reviews


Great performance4 star

This production was great and really brought this classic to modern life.45


The goat book5 star

Overall very great book and was fun to read it55

Alfonso el Sabio

Great book, lame edition5 star

This edition has typographical errors on every other page. It’s distracting, but it’s free. Beggars—alas—cannot be choosers.55


Great Book5 star

Haven’t read a book in what feels like a decade. Finished in less than 24 hours. Great read, always loved the movie but the book was even better too my surprise!55

do you go hard

I love that book5 star

That’s a good book today55

Immortal town

Favorite book of all time5 star

This book may possibly be my favorite book of all time and anything less than 5 stars feels criminal55


Decent4 star

Had to read it for school45


Good5 star

This is my second time reading and it’s still as good as before. Gatsby didn’t deserve to die and his murder was all because Tom lied. And of course daisy she doesn’t have a clue what she wants55


Must read5 star

You always hear the movie doesn’t match up to the book. I can honestly say this book was incredible! I could picture Leonardo DiCaprio playing his role of Gatsby as I turned each page!55


Good read5 star

It’s a classic and an amazing read.55

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