The Scarlet Letter

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The scarlet letter means infidelity. To wear it marks you as a sinner, a corruptor, and an outcast. The scarlet “A” that Hester Prynne is forced to wear not only marks her as an adulterer, but to her it becomes something more: a spiritual a wakening. 
In a mid-17th century Puritan colony in Massachusetts, Hester walks out of prison carrying her daughter, Pearl, born behind prison walls. Her husband, thought to be lost at sea, arrives in town secretly watches his wife’s shaming from a distance with a heavy heart. Hester’s lover is tormented with guilt over his affair and over the daughter he will never be able to raise, and he reveals a dying act of regret for the entire town to witness. 
A marvelous depiction of haunting memories, sin, and the consequences thereof, The Scarlet Letter is one of Hawthorne’s greatest works of art. 

Book Reviews

Desert Duolos

A tale from our “better angels”3 star

A morality play that must be appreciated for the time period from which it was spawned and the humanity it timelessly reflects.35


Good read4 star

Good read45


Uuu5 star

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Timeless and Still Relevant -5 star

Nathanal Hawthorne has created a timeless piece of work that still stands after all these years. The Scarlet Letter is a story rich in character (or lack thereof) and examines how we handle sin and guilt. It is beautifully written. The book takes place from 1642 to 1649 and stories Hester Prynne, who conceives a daughter through an adulterous affair and struggles to create a new life - a life in a town where she is branded. The book raises some interesting thoughts in how we handle our guilt and how we pay the price for our sins as well as how it affects others in our circle. How do we move forward on our own when all are against us? There were parts of the book that were overly verbose and I had to push myself to read past those areas. Part of this is due to our modern day reading habits and many people don’t look for a book to read slowly and to savor the moments. What I find most impressive, is the fact that even in modern days we still wrestle with the same emotions for equally troubling social issues. This is definitely a great read, but one for which you need to be in a mood to read a classic, as it’s definitely not a light, summer read. :-)55


Wonderful Classic5 star

I read this for English class this year and loved it. I even read ahead of the class and had finished reading a week or two before my class was supposed to have finished.55

Dmn U

Great classic5 star

This is one of those books that leaves you with no strong emotions after reading - mind you, that's an awesome trait -, but with a rather pleasant lightness of soul.55

Joseph Habib

A powerful story with an Eternal lesson4 star

Nathanial Hawthorne wrote "The Scarlet Letter" with a God given talent for extremely descriptive and captivating prose. Many lessons may be taken. He reminds us that we all have a sinful nature. None of us is perfect. If we negatively judge and persecute others, we exacerbate the negative consequences of our sinful nature. We perpetuate it! If his characters, had known about the power of a sacramental "Confession", instead of the "Puritan pillory", much pain and suffering would have been avoided.45

Nacks The reader

The Scarlet Letter4 star

What a wonderful and interesting book that teaches important morals while entertaining at the same time. Hawthorne is wonderfully talented, his creativeness and never ending ways to astonish a reader is overwhelming. I LOVE! LOVE! this book. I recommend it to anyone yearning to read a classic work of art or thirsty for great literature. Believe me, you will not be disappointed. The Scarlet Letter not only tells and encourages humans to be true, but it also gives insight on how lies and secrets can weaken human beings both mentally and physically. Don't wait for another time just read it now!. You will love it also.45


Beautiful, Moving Tale5 star

The Scarlet Letter was an amazing book. You can't put it down. The story was well crafted and the style was moving.55


A literary masterpiece5 star

Hawthorne's realistic portrayal of human feelings and relationships really grabs the reader's interest. This story is even more interesting because it challenges rigid and narrow social stereotypes. I have read this book three times already. Truly one of my favorite stories!!55

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