The Secret Garden

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For the first nine years of her life, Mary Lennox was a mean, spoiled, and sickly English girl growing up in India. But when tragedy strikes her family, she is sent off to live at her uncle Archibald's giant manor in Yorkshire. No longer surrounded by servants, Mary finds herself alone in a big and scary new world. That is, until she finds a garden that's been locked away for years...

Heavily influenced by the premature losses in author Frances Hodges Burnett's life, including both her father and her son, The Secret Garden is an unforgettable story about the healing power of nature. Addressing themes of pain, love, death, selflessness, and inner peace, this classic proves that children's literature can be just as complex and profound as adult literature.

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A timeless children’s story5 star

A compelling story with many lessons and reminders about what it means to live life to the fullest. Three main characters experience different but relatable struggles with depression, trauma, and the search for happiness. Many wonderful descriptions of natural scenery that pull you into the world of the protagonists.55


Good book, but boring too, takes forever getting to the point4 star

I for one really really think it is a good book, but it did get a little boring, and took forever getting to the point. Other than that, it was pretty good.45


what a lovely story4 star



Amazing!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 star

It was amazing 🤩 so much detail! Made me want to curl up in my blanket and read. And after made me want to start a garden!Hard to read the Yorkshire and there where some big words but they where easy to look up❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️55


Absolutely terrific5 star

I haven’t read in years, and with everything going on with COVID-19 I had some free time to take up some reading. This book is everything and more! Just what I needed during this grey time. This book is full of hope and “green things” that can inspire anyone. Read this book!!!!55


Easy read. Good book. Made me emotional5 star



The secret garden5 star

I really enjoyed this book, I started reading this after I had something in my life happen to me I didn’t enjoy and it distracted me very well and brought me in a different world. I loved reading each and ever chapter, the author is good at making you feel like you are in the book yourself. Let’s just say I know why this is a classic and I can’t wait to read more by this author!55


The Secret Garden5 star

Great book. Interesting and humorous this book deals with difficult health and neglect issues faced by children. The insight on how the two address and resolve their health and well being is an example of how anyone of any age can overcome the past and live a healthy happy life in the present. Magic is the belief that is positive thinking and truly knowing you can change what life has thrown your way and live a truly healthy meaningful life. Refreshing and interesting the concept applies to today’s world as it did in the last century in the English countryside.55

triple diamonds

A delightful read!5 star

This book was so much fun to read. Mary was so spoiled as a white child growing up in India, that when her parents died suddenly and she was sent back to England, she expected to continue having people bow to her will. Instead her new maid, Martha, made it clear she expected a ten year old to be able to take care of her basic needs, such as dressing herself. She was skinny, sallow, rude and haughty, but she soon realized that she felt a lot better when she was nice to other people. Unknown to her, there was another ten year old residing in the great big mansion. He was the master’s dying son and a holy terror. He threw a tantrum anytime he couldn’t get his way. She found him crying one night, while he was having one of his tantrums, and from that day, everything changes, for both of them. She shares many secrets with him, including the discovery of a secret garden on the grounds. The garden’s magic causes amazing changes in both of them. Sometimes, the language changes to a Yorkshire brogue, but while difficult to understand at first, it actually adds authenticity to the story. This is a MUST read!55

jig wow

Great book5 star

This was a great book and I loved the length of it55

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