The Tale of Peter Rabbit

The Tale of Peter Rabbit Summary

Story Summary
Peter Rabbit sneaks away from his sisters and mother to go to Mr McGregor’s garden.  He enjoys eating all sorts of vegetables until Mr McGregor finds the little rabbit.  Peter must run and hide, and run some more, or else Mr McGregor will catch him and put him into a pie!  If he weren’t such a disobedient rabbit, Peter might not have got himself into this mess in the first place.

About Beatrix Potter
Helen Beatrix Potter (1866-1943) wrote and illustrated many classic children’s books including The Tale of Peter Rabbit.  Childhood pets and her love for animals greatly influenced the characters of her stories.  Inspiration also came from her family trips to Scotland and the English countryside.  The Tale of Peter Rabbit was Beatrix’s first book which originated from a letter she wrote to a five-year-old boy named Noel, who was sick.  As a child, Beatrix had a pet rabbit named Peter, whom she used to observe all day long and sketch pictures of.

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Book Reviews


Why?! This is not Beatrix Potter1 star

Seriously the original is perfect why would you ever destroy it with garbage art!15


My read5 star

These books are great. It is wonderful to listen to. The movie-type effects keep my 4 year old very interested. Great job!55


Great Bedtime Entertainment5 star

Since downloading, not a night has passed that my granddaughter hasn't wanted one of these stories played for her on my iPad. Sometimes she'll even let ME read the stories to her. She's captivated by the easy animation and pleasant voice actors. She keeps wanting me to download more of the "coming" stories. Although "free" is an excellent price, there will be plenty of value in paying for some of the upcoming tales. Kudos to MyRead Productions for quality work.55


My vote for best quality5 star

Best free version of the book I have found. It is easy to read, has really great animations, and has great voice talent. It really makes the book come alive for the reader. Perfect for the kids! I would download more stories like this from myRead if they had some.55


Great book for kids!5 star

This book is very easy for kids to navigate. Great for keeping em entertained when needed. Great narration, graphics, and navigation. Definitely a good read. Especially since its free :-D55


SO GREAT!5 star

This is so awesome and such an amazing idea. Everyone needs to download this cute book! Can't wait for more myread in the future(:55

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