Sonic the Hedgehog FCBD 2022

Sonic the Hedgehog FCBD 2022 Summary

Sonic's racing into a brand-new adventure with his best buds (and co-stars of the hit new movie) Tails and Knuckles by his side! But Sonic's not the only super-speedster in town . . . Get caught up with everything you need to know about Sonic's evil counterpart Surge before she and Sonic go head-to-head in the epic issue #50, a story years in the making!

Book Reviews


I ab to look at the book5 star

Ok so see ya55


Spoilers!5 star

I just read the 2nd book the fate of doctor egg man and this is the 3rd it continues the book so this seems really exciting and it’s Free! Im curious to see what happens next.55


You better read it5 star

I can’t wait to read the issue #50 mile stone ultimate showdown55

epic mickey fan!

Awesome!!!5 star

Great read!! Loved the interactions and humor!!55

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