Washington Square

Washington Square Summary

The plot of the novel is based upon a true story told to James by his close friend, British actress Fanny Kemble.

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Washington Square3 star

The language is rich, filled with irony and humor. However, by today’s standards the storyline is overwrought and droll. I found the ending unsatisfactory and unfulfilling, though what you would expect from the main character.35


Interesting4 star

Enjoyable. Thought provoking. Frustrating.45


Cheryl3 star

So this has a good story but it seems lacking. The movie with Olivia DeHavilland, Ralph Richard, Montgomery Clift and Miriam Hopkins had a really wonderful twist in it. Whoever made the script for that movie , and put the twists and turns in, told a complete story. This just seems unfinished.35


The original Heiress5 star

Is is the book the Olivia Dehavilland movie "the Heiress" was based on. That is my all time favorite female empowerment movie. I feel the book has a few flaws, like when she and her father go to Europe, they were supposed to be away for six months, but stay an entire year. What penniless man can wait that long? I highly recommend this timeless classic.55


Pat D5 star

Washington Square is a wonderful read! It may put some people off as it is written in the old style English, but I enjoy the old style way of speaking as they did in the middle Nineteenth Century. Would have preferred the ending to be more like its counter-part the movie "The Heiress"55

Dwayne M. Scott

Dated but relevant4 star

Vivid, enigmatic characters set in Victorian-era Manhattan struggle against each other to find meaning in a senseless, superficial world of privilege.45


Washington Square2 star

I do not understand why this book is famous. It is boring and pointless.25


English class made me read this1 star

If you want to read a very boring book about a Rich ugly girl and a handsome poor man who wants her money, you have come to the right place. In this book, there is nothing but talking. There is rarely action in any of the character's lives. The book is very old fashioned and very boring. Please save yourself the trouble of wasting your time on this book.15

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