Casey and Bella Face Their First Bully

Casey and Bella Face Their First Bully Summary

After Roscoe steals Casey and Bella's Frisbee, they embark on their 6th adventure. Along the way, Opee the Owl explains to the dogs what bullying is and how to respond to it in the right way by speaking up and telling an adult you trust. Throughout their journey, Casey and Bella experience three different types of bullying and apply the advice of Opee the Owl to help out their three new friends. Find out how you can help stop bullying by taking the Casey and Bella Pledge to Stop Bullying and Be Nice to One Another! For more info go to

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The RugRats 21203

Hi5 star

I love this book that the author came to Doyle school55

Smart pants!?!?!?

Too small1 star

Way too small. I can't read it!15


Book review5 star

The book is great I want to read this to my third grade class55

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