Free from the Tracks

Free from the Tracks Summary

A girl with secrets. A bad boy in trouble. A community out to get them.

Driven out of her friendship group, Sophia finds comfort in all the wrong places. The secret she keeps will tear her world apart and it’s easier to become involved in someone else’s troubles than face her own. Stepping out of her seemingly perfect life and model home, she finds a whole other world on her doorstep.

Is it possible to sit in class with someone for four years without seeing their hunger, the holes in their shoes or the bruises on their body? What would you do?

Awarded a 5* review from Readers' Favorite.
Readers are saying, "Talented K T Bowes once again demonstrates her versatility as a writer with Free from the Tracks. She captures their trials as she develops their characters."

If you like teen books with a dose of reality, you’ll love Free From the Tracks.
Download at your own risk and stay awake tonight reading.

Book Reviews


Amazing5 star

Started and finished it on the same day, could not put it down.55


Entertaining5 star

This book is really interesting I love how it shows a little bit of both sides and the problems they have55


Good read.4 star

The book was enjoyable and an easy, light read. It does leave you curious as to what happens I. The next installment.45


Free from the Tracks5 star

Great book. Brought back memories of my school days. Interesting and realistic characters. Keep on writing!!55


Free From the Tracks5 star

Wow, what a revelation to someone who grew up in a safe middle class environment. A powerful story, the start of a series that I plan to read to its completion. This is a well written book as are all of K.T. Bowes’ books. I recommend this series to all readers.55


amazing!!!5 star

This book was beeter than i expected. Im not a big time reader but latly ive been wanting to and I’m very happy to of found this book. I finshed in two day, between worrk and collage i fell in love with it.55

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