Life Lessons from a Cat

Life Lessons from a Cat Summary

Rebekah has the perfect cat. She learns life lessons just by watching it, and doing what it does. And when she needs comfort, petting a cat is pure therapy.

Book Reviews

JJ the cat

Life lessons from a cat4 star

Sweet, refreshing, oddly enough, like petting the cat...calming.45


Lame1 star

Dumbest book ever15

Kate Everson

Life lessons from a cat2 star

This book was not very good I would rate it two stars. This book was sweet, but is fourteen pages! I thought it was more informational, instead it was just a fiction about a girl that wants to act more relaxed like a cat. I am happy that the author thought about our feline friends25

Apple rocks!

Life lessons from a cat.5 star

This book was awesome but it felt like there was NO ENDING! I would really appreciate it if there was a 2nd book. Thank you55


Amazing5 star

An outstanding piece. I love the detail in the story and the bright pictures! Five stars!55

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